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Mill Creek Church

Welcome to Mill Creek Church in Bellville, Texas.
We’d like to introduce you to who we are and how we worship. Here you'll find a few insights on our beliefs, and thoughts on our worship. We hope you’ll visit for a service, and worship with us.

              Pastor Monte Byrd

Fundamental Beliefs
Our faith is founded on the truth that the Bible is God’s fully sufficient, inerrant Word. It is timeless and relevant for living and worship today without the need for a ‘cultural perspective’.
Psalm 19

Simplicity of Worship
Our focus of the Church is to worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and to equip the body. We are not a program driven Church. We worship and learn together stressing the importance of discipling others across generational lines.
Titus 2:1-8

Embracing Our Christian Heritage and Traditions
The American Church today is turning its back on our rich history and traditions. As you can tell by our new building, we embrace them. At Mill Creek, you’ll find a traditional service with traditional preaching. In a world of change, it is ever so comforting to worship a God who doesn’t change, in a church that doesn’t change just to be fashionable.




Pastor Monte Byrd
Pastor Monte Byrd


For Questions,
Prayer or any
Special Needs,
you can reach us at
or e-mail the Pastor.


©2002-2013 Mill Creek Church. 631 South Mechanic Street, Bellville, Texas